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Precise Digital Pain Mapping

Precise Digital Pain Mapping


Precise Digital Pain Mapping

Wellness and Pain is excited to announce the use of a new cutting edge technology allowing us to offer: Precise Digital Pain Mapping. Using this technology powered by Kinetisense, our practitioners are able to give precise evaluation and analysis of where exactly their source of pain is coming from. Through quick, non-invasive measurements including range of motion, posture, and balance, this technology can not only guide us in the diagnosis modalities to further evaluate these areas but also allow us to offer individualized treatment options to patients. The Kinetisense software offers measurements that are far more precise than any practitioner could measure on their own.

In addition, we are able to predict a patient’s risk of injury so that we can help alleviate the problem areas now before these points cause more damage. This proactive approach will help us in our mission of improving the quality of life of our patients and their day to day function. We are able to bring this mobile technology to workplaces, school systems, police departments and many other places of employment for ergonomic, posture, and risk of injury evaluations.

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