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This has been a life-changing experience.  The girls at the front desk are simply awesome!  Monica believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself and makes you feel like family!  I love this space and recommend it 100% to everyone!  Again, thank you for changing my life!!!

Julissa Batista

Dr. Arad is an amazing doctor.  The first time I met him, I told him I needed to change my life.  I wasn’t in a great state and wasn’t feeling like myself.  He said ‘don’t worry, I got you’ and ever since, my life is happier, healthier and full of self-confidence.  I don’t feel 53 years old – I’m 35!  After my leg procedure, I’m able to bike and run which I was not able to do before.  Thank you!

Inez Rodriguez Casanova

My experience at wellness and pain was very pleasurable, The attending nurse was kind and very professional. I felt so comfortable with the whole team and felt like a rockstar when I left. My body feels great and full of energy and good health. I feel incredible and full of life. What a place! Hewan was a great pleasure and very professional.

Charles Mandracchia

I’ve been coming to Wellness and Pain for years and love the attention and dedication I get from each staff member. I’m afraid of needles, but at this place I don’t have a issue because Hewan’s hands are very tender when inserting the needles. I keep my immune system strong with the vitamin IVs.

Luisa Nadera

My experience with Dr Arad & staff has been exceptional, they are professional and at the same time caring, I would highly recommend Dr Arad, my legs has never been happier.

Phillis Maucieri

Dr. Arad and his staff are phenomenal From start to finish, they are compassionate, energetic, eager to help and guide you through the process with such ease. I never felt uncomfortable with the process as they make it all easy. I highly recommend Dr. Arad.

Christina Russo

New Jersey
My experience with Dr. Arad and staff has been exceptional. They are professional and at the same time, caring. I would highly recommend Dr. Arad. My legs have never been happier.

Phillis Maucieri

Dr. Arad went above and beyond and completely changed my life. He is very professional and caring, and works hard to deliver fantastic results for us. The surgery has been my saving grace and I am happy that I chose Dr. Arad as my doctor/surgeon. For anyone having doubt about getting the surgery, I recommend for them to come in for a consultation and meet with Dr. Arad and the staff, and they will understand that they are in great hands.

Paul Felix

New Jersey
The vein problems was restless. The pain usually occur often a long day of work on my feet. When I used to lay down, I was not able to stretch my legs. I will get those heavy cramps.I did the perfect thing, I have it fixed. I thank God for coming here. My problem is solved.

Esther Thomas

New Jersey
Service is excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Arad to my family & friends. I’m a new person after the surgery. Feel great.


New York
I feel much better with my right leg but I’m still waiting for more improvement for the left leg. After that, everything is fine. Thank you.

Julienne Louis

New York
I would recommend Dr. Arad to anyone interested in this procedure. The staff is awesome as well!!

Nancy L.

Nancy L. – New York
I had a wonderful experience here. The doctor was very informative about the procedure and any questions I had were answered perfectly. The staff here is wonderful and communicate so well. I have recommended a lot of people to see Dr. Arad.

Elizabeth A. Maravilla

Vein Health – New Jersey
I have been coming to the office and I must honestly say that my experiences have been nothing but wonderful. The staff is always friendly and always ready to help and answer any questions that might have.


Anonymous Surgery Patient – New York
I’ve had leg pain for years, which took a toll on my sleep. After having the vein procedure with Dr. Arad, I can sleep through the night with no problem. His staff is very professional and Dr. Arad is great. No more leg pain for me!

Laura B.

Vein Health – New Jersey

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