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Chiropractor Services in New Jersey

Five Successful Techniques Used by Chiropractor Services in New Jersey

Chiropractors manipulate the spine in a variety of ways, with more than 100 professionally recognized techniques across the globe, many of which are practiced at chiropractor services in New Jersey. Even though each style has its own nuances, the core principle remains the same: Applying controlled force to restore your joint alignment, function, and mobility.

In a Diversified Technique adjustment strategy, your chiropractor will apply a thrust to a specific spinal joint, using quick movements and low displacement. The joint is realigned with a targeted pop. But there are gentler approaches as well.

The Gonstead Method restores your joint’s motion through smooth, mild, and precise positioning of force, using minimum pressure. Patients who are sensitive to forceful chiropractic adjustments prefer this technique. Some also enjoy the Activator Method, which uses a spring-loaded instrument to apply rapid-but-low impulses to your spine. Not only is it comfortable, it’s suitable for sensitive areas.

Two additional interesting methods are the Flexion Distraction and Thompson techniques. In the first, stretching the spine creates space between your vertebrae, followed by a thrust to restore proper alignment. Oftentimes, patients suffering from pinched nerves or disk herniations benefit from Flexion Distraction. In the second, patients lie on a sectionally divided drop-table that can tilt, which provides the right environment to make hyper-targeted spinal adjustments. Thompson is very effective in treating all sorts of disk problems.

Many chiropractic researchers still have trouble pinpointing why treatment is so effective for some patients, according to an in-depth piece in Time Magazine. “What’s more important is that for many patients, it does work,” the article states. “Chiropractors tend to have very high patient satisfaction rates. And from a public health perspective, we’d see a lot fewer unnecessary tests, hospitalizations, and opioid prescriptions.”


Chiropractor Services in New Jersey and the Diversified Technique

In the field of chiropractic manipulation, the Diversified Technique is the most widely used method, especially at chiropractor services in New Jersey. By restoring proper joint alignment, it improves spinal mobility and fixes any dysfunction that’s been caused by misalignment. It also uses minimal instrumentation, relying on a more hands-on approach.

Using fast movements to break up adhesions and stretch surrounding tissues, the Diversified Technique applies controlled force and precise angles to restore your joints. As gas bubbles escape from your joint spaces, each thrust by your chiropractor will quickly change the joint’s range of motion.

Diversified chiropractic techniques give chiropractors a wide range of adjustment methods to choose from. In each adjustment, the chiropractor considers the patient’s need and specific joint dysfunction. Many know this method for reducing back and back pain. In addition, it can reduce spinal stiffness and improve overall joint function and range of motion. It may also have positive effects on your nervous system.

Not every patient will benefit from diversified adjustments, as some feel uncomfortable by the technique’s high-velocity nature.


The Gonstead Method: Precision, Gentleness, and Minimal Force

The Gonstead Method at local chiropractor services in New Jersey emphasizes precision, specific adjustments, and minimal force, restoring the integrity of your nervous system. Individual spinal vertebrae are adjusted meticulously, which maintains alignment and corrects any misalignments that have been interfering with your nerves.

This technique uses a multi-layered approach to identify joint pain, swelling, and instability. As such, your chiropractor will also assess your posture and nerve inflammation or irritation. They’ll examine your joints for abnormalities and the tone of your muscles surrounding your spine. This is in addition to any dysfunctional movement patterns.

With this analysis in hand, your chiropractor will make precision adjustments focused on your misaligned vertebrae. The goal is to minimize the manipulation of surrounding areas. They may apply a short-lever technique. This prevents too much force from affecting your vertebrae’s bony knobs. In some cases, it’s often better than forceful maneuvers or thrusts. As such, your chiropractor can utilize his or her hands and body weight to stabilize the force applied.  While patients with fragile bones may find this method gentler and more comfortable, it’s also more time consuming and meticulous.


The Activator Method at Chiropractor Services in New Jersey

It’s no surprise that throughout many chiropractor services in New Jersey, the Activator Method is an innovative approach to care, using specialized spring-loaded devices to deliver rapid, low-force impulses. Through gentle adjustments, it restores proper joint function and communication throughout your nervous system, minimizing manual hands-on attention. Most importantly, it avoids direct contact by focusing on specific points near the misaligned joint.

The technology behind the activator instrument all comes down to its compressed air, which is used to power this hand-held device. At the touch of a button, it delivers short bursts of force with various intensities. Chiropractors can locate misaligned joints and provide a controlled, quick-tap sensation rather than forceful thrusts, a process that’s typically painless and doesn’t involve cracking sounds.

Since the device can be used on different joints in the neck, spine, and extremities, patients who are sensitive to forceful manipulation really like this instrument. Using a highly targeted strategy, any chiropractor can minimize the risk of complications and provide a controlled, convenient experience.


Flexion Distraction: Proper Motion and Vertebrae Disk Spacing

Other chiropractor services in New Jersey use yet another effective treatment technique for back pain. It’s known as “Flexion Distraction,” which promotes reduced pressure on nerves and disks. By stretching and decompressing your spine on a special table, this treatment brings back proper motion. Not only that, but it brings back proper spacing between vertebrae, especially in the disk area.

While you lie face down, a sectioned table keeps your upper body stable. At the same time, the area under your lower extremities gradually drops. This motion gently stretches your spine. Straps will secure your pelvis and legs as a rhythmic movement slowly works on your spine. Your chiropractor will use gentle, manual pressure to target specific joints. This part usually takes up to 20 minutes and can be repeated several times each week.

In short, this method is gentle and comfortable for patients, especially helping those suffering from back pain, sciatica, disk bulges, and other related issues. It improves flexibility and posture by restoring proper spinal alignment and motion, as well as decompressing targeted areas, increasing disk hydration, and improving disk retraction pressure.


Chiropractor Services in New Jersey and the Drop-Table Thompson Technique

Many chiropractor services in New Jersey use the Thompson Technique, in which spinal misalignments and pain are addressed through precise adjustments and a specialized drop table. With an emphasis on your pelvis and sacroiliac joints, this method corrects poor features in your back by using a systematic approach.

A Thompson Drop Table has segmented sections that can drop in response to the chiropractor’s controlled thrusts. By utilizing the dropping action, your chiropractor can maximize the force of the adjustment while minimizing the amount of manual force required.  To identify misalignments, your chiropractor will check your leg length and assess your posture. Specific adjustments are made to your vertebrae and surrounding soft tissues, aligning targeted joints with the table-drop segment for each adjustment.

Fortunately, the dropping technology creates a popping sound without any forceful manipulation. A drop table facilitates deeper adjustments and can potentially deliver a longer-lasting positive outcome. Treatment is effective for a wide variety of conditions, including lower back pain, sciatica, and even headaches.

Whether it’s the Diversified Technique, Gonstead Method, Activator Method, Flexion Distraction, or the Thompson technique, you can be assured of a licensed chiropractor’s reputation. A 2018 large-scale study review by The Spine Journal concluded that chiropractic methods reduced pain and improved function for most patients. More importantly, the research also confirmed that aspiring chiropractors “must spend thousands of hours studying before obtaining a license.” It added: “In 2020, an estimated 51,400 chiropractors were practicing in the United States.”

Chiropractic care can alleviate pain, improve mobility, boost your overall health, and remains a drug-free, non-invasive treatment for millions of patients across the nation. While your chiropractor will help you choose a technique based on your individual needs, it’s good to know the facts behind each method.


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